Other reports and links to information on the Uttarakhand flood situation

With the onset of the 2013 Monsoons Uttarakahand and Parts of Himachal
Pradesh in the North Western sections of India Himalaya received heavy
rainfall and cloudburst
like conditions. The popular news media (TV, Radio and the Internet)
have covered the tragedy in great detail. Official press releases are
also part of the main stream media coverage.
Google has set up a crisis response centre.
However the coverage has been immensely lopsided, the holy
desitinations also called the Char Dham tourism circuit has attracted
all the attention. People from almost every state have been caught in
this crisis. However in the frenzy to be the first to break news the
people ignored have been the local and permanent residents of
Uttarakhand and also people from those other parts of Uttarahand who
are not on the popular char dham routes.

The main stream media has been critical only of the State's response to
the crisis and to a very small extent to the events that have lead up
to this tragedy. Some independent researchers and opinion writers have
been attempting to change the discourse to the larger issues that
afflict the state of the Himalaya as well as the larger reasons for
this tragedy.

Below are links to articles and resources that will attempt to widen
the scope of information available as well look in depth at the reasons
for the current tragedy as well as what the future holds for the
citizens of the Himalaya and those who live downstream.

1. The Alaknandaganga has cleared it's path: Vishnupyrag HEP (400 MW) collapsed - A Photo feature
2. Uttarakhand Floods: Truth about THDC and Central Water Commission’s Claims about Tehri
3. Lessons from Uttarakhand disaster for Selection of River Valley Projects Expert Committee
4. Down To Earth - Twice hit by flood, Pithoragarh awaits attention

5. Indian Express: Key hydro-power projects hit, grid not disturbed

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