Great Backyard Bird Count, Sarmoli, 2017

Invitation to the Great Back Yard Bird Count in Sarmoli, 19th February 2017


The World’s Biggest Bird-a-thon comes to India! and Sarmoli, Munsiari

During the four days between 17 and 20 February, more than a thousand birdwatchers throughout India will come together to document as many birds in as many locations across the country as possible.

In India, the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is coordinated by Bird Count India, an umbrella group of a large number of birding, nature and conservation organisations. GBBC is a fun event attracting those new to birding, young and old. Lots of local birdwatching walks and talks are planned across the country for the public to join in.

More information about the GBBC, Campus Bird Count, and other associated events in India can be found at The global GBBC is organised by Cornell University and the Audubon Society in the USA.

Himal Prakriti and Jungli School are organizing a GBBC bird walk on the morning of the 19th of February. The bird walk will be lead by bird guides from HImal Prakriti in the Community Forests of Sarmoli and Shankhdhura.

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